Half is the type of mollusks, shape, worm-like, living beneath the ground where the mangrove as the accretion in coastal areas, it is the type of animal characteristic of mangrove areas of The South in general and Tra Vinh in general. Daughter half, from 45 – 65mm, dear little, soft, pink, fresh, transparent back have more leg looks pretty creepy people. Many people see the half were terrified, not to mention eating, but the coastal region, Tra Vinh back view half is a kind of fresh and delicious food, selling at the seafood market. Perhaps from the people of this place have familiarity on the plate there’s always the bowl of fish sauce, half, juicy, should, when seen half they only see themselves, but didn’t find creepy as many people.
Fish sauce, half do not know ever since has become the sauce, specialty of Tra Vinh, is famous throughout the area as Phu Quoc fish sauce. Season sauce is summer half up, news games, January 11, 12 of the lunar calendar. In this season, the rising water flooded the shore, the flies must emerge from the lair, roll on each other, floating on the water line, just use the racket was able to catch a dozen.
Flies caught on enlist while still fresh, people bring fish sauce, fish sauce, half of Tra Vinh’t as picky as fish flies, especially in the North, Tra Vinh only seasoned half with salt water, clean under the traditional rate is 5 per half 1 part salt 4 parts water then remove the lu, gourmet brewed shady place, cool about 10 to 15 days is edible, and for as long sauce half will be as fragrant as bold. While the North such as Hai Phong, Quang Ninh, sauce must add the ginger, hearing, sugar and spices other complex and then incubated in long time, till half nine scad, bring the spoon stir, then melt into the mixture viscous. Fish sauce, half of Tra Vinh, it is crucial that the form of yellow-brown waves compare, fragrant, mild, not heavy smells such as fish sauce has the sweet, bold and special. Flies sauce do sauce dishes are very tasty, very recently, have the characteristic flavor, no sauce. Price flies sauce is not as high as fish sauce, fish pure, the prices only range from 20.000 to 32.000 vnd/ liter medium with pocket money customer back guarantee juicy, flavorful, not inferior type of fish sauce.
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